OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 Image Generator Gets Editing chops

OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 Image Generator Gets Editing chops

OpenAI announced the addition of an image editing feature to DALL-E 3, their text-to-image model available as free version of ChatGPT and two advanced product tiers. This tool enables users to make edits to AI generated images through dialogue prompts.

This innovative interface can be found both on desktop computers and the ChatGPT mobile app, and provides preset style suggestions to assist in image selection.

OpenAI's DALL-E 3 Image Generator

Editing tool

DALL-E 3’s AI image generator recently received an upgrade, making it simpler for users to adjust its output images. A selection tool allows them to edit, add or remove elements from an image created using DALL-E 3. This tool is available through ChatGPT prompt and works across platforms such as web, iOS and Android – similar to what’s offered by models like Microsoft Copilot and Midjourney.

DALL-E has received its first major upgrade since it first debuted last year, when its previous version could only change the background of an image, without being able to add or remove objects. But this latest version is far more flexible in its ability to detect people, animals, buildings and cars in an image, while adding text (though occasionally struggled with spelling issues); nonetheless it made great use of existing text to remove an entire building from landscapes.

ChatGPT Plus subscribers have exclusive access to editing tools that complement DALL-E’s text-based prompts. Users can select an image generated by ChatGPT Plus to open it and access an editor interface, where they can specify desired changes within chat prompts. When editing is complete, that area of image will be highlighted and changes described will then be applied directly onto its section of generated image.

A slider at the left of your screen enables you to increase or decrease the size of your selection tool, while a button at the top can switch between various editing options. A rewind button and undo/redo buttons help facilitate editing; my tests showed DALL-E was effective at adding objects quickly as well as replacing entire sections of an image with new photos seamlessly.


Prompts with a visual preview

ChatGPT Plus users now have an exciting new feature to harness the full potential of DALL-E 3, which enables them to give customized instructions and experience its responsiveness. Unlike text-to-image systems that ignore words or descriptions, DALL-E 3 improves and iterates on any prompt you give, providing an invaluable tool for prompt engineering; creating clear images without complex text prompts is now possible! It is an integral component of ChatGPT’s already impressive capabilities allowing users to use ChatGPT more effectively for marketing, sales, data analytics or any functional workflow workflows.

DALL-E 3 is receiving numerous upgrades beyond its editing tool, including variations, inpainting and outpainting of images to account for details like shadow direction.

These enhancements will enable ChatGPT Plus users to get the most from their DALL-E models, making prompt creation simpler while increasing its ability to understand more natural and complex language. Furthermore, users will now be able to selectively edit specific areas of an image – saving both time and effort when responding to frequently asked questions.

DALL-E’s image generation capabilities are an indispensable asset for marketing purposes, providing unique, high-quality visuals to promote products and services. Furthermore, these image generating abilities can also be utilized to generate tutorials highlighting key aspects of a product or service – something especially useful in customer support or industries requiring instructional content creation.

To take advantage of these features, it is necessary to register for either ChatGPT Plus for free or purchase one of their more advanced tiers of products. As an alternative option, try DALL-E on Bing Image Creator which offers similar controls; however it uses the same model. While Bing Image Creator’s images are watermarked and its credit system requires purchases every so often (which takes longer for rendering models), which could compromise rendering speed.

Selection tool

OpenAI announced Wednesday that users with paid subscriptions to its chatbot now have an inline editing tool available to them to edit AI-generated images produced from text prompts. DALL-E is powered by Sora’s generative AI system and this new feature makes it simpler to customize images produced by it. For instance, bows can now be added to poodle ears, and an image may become monochromatic photo. The edit tool in ChatGPT works similarly to its other tools: users can select an area in the image by clicking a paintbrush-shaped button (on desktop computer or mobile app) or an icon-shaped one (mobile app). Sliders allow for size modifications, and undo/redo buttons are always on hand if anything goes awry during editing.

DALL-E’s editing feature marks its first major upgrade since being introduced as part of ChatGPT last year. Already the bot lets users select landscape, portrait and square images and produce cartoon or photorealistic depictions – however if they wanted to modify certain aspects of them they needed to write very detailed descriptions such as “remove two random moons from Earth” or “add flowers to a polar bear.”

DALL-E’s most recent update allows it to edit any portion of an image, making it easier for artists and designers who use DALL-E or any generative AI model like it to craft something specific for themselves. It will prove immensely helpful.

DALL-E is getting some updates beyond its editing tool, such as style prompts for ChatGPT users to provide guidance in styling a piece – such as Woodcut, Close-up, Low angle and Artificial lighting styles that appear when hovered over will provide examples of their finished products.

DALL-E is helping foster trust in AI with its implementation of C2PA standards and watermarks on images it generates for users. While this doesn’t solve all instances of false or misleading content on the internet, it is one step in the right direction.

Editing options

OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 image generator now boasts editing abilities thanks to a new update. The AI chatbot now provides users with various editing options that allow them to fine-tune images directly in chat, similar to inline edits available from rival AI image-generation tools like Microsoft Copilot and Grok. This update also makes available editing features on mobile phones for users on all three platforms (web, iOS and Android).

These new features include preset style prompts that give users various styles to select, such as woodcut, close-up and low angle images. Users also have the option of customizing their desired aspect ratio; an improvement over DALL-E’s previous ability of only providing square or vertical images when requested.

Style prompts are designed to address one of the main difficulties users have when using DALL-E: being uncertain of what style(s) or look(s) to ask for. Hovering over each style displays examples, making DALL-E more user-friendly for novice users.

DALL-E’s latest feature addition is the option for editing specific areas of an image, which can help users remove objects or elements from an image more efficiently and intuitively. Similar to Microsoft Copilot’s Designer tool, this allows for smooth and efficient changes.

DALL-E now supports text to image synthesis, an exciting upgrade that allows you to use DALL-E to create videos for business or personal purposes. This tool will prove extremely helpful to those needing to produce such content quickly.

ChatGPT now features the DALL-E image editor on both web and iOS versions, providing users with a great way to express their creativity and show off their personality through ChatGPT Plus subscription. Using this editing tool you can easily create images with captions like “This is a dog”, and customize with circles around its ears and bows in its eyes for extra flair! It is worth noting, though, that using this feature requires Plus subscription in order to fully enjoy its benefits.

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