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Do business with the help of Artificial Intelligence and earn lakhs in 2024.

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What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In the present times, technology has developed a lot and is continuously progressive. Nowadays all work is done with the help of technology. The most powerful weapon of technology is the Internet and ever since the introduction of Artificial Intelligence on the Internet, the entire game has changed. Now it is believed that gradually-Gradually artificial intelligence will eat away people’s jobs and can make people unemployed.

If you do not learn to use technology properly with time, you will also lose your job. In the future, Artificial Intelligence will eat away the jobs of millions of people. It is also true that the future belongs to technology. Only the person who learns to move forward with technology will be able to move forward.

But it also has a positive point, You must have some brain and skill so that you can AI with its help you can earn a good income sitting at home. Today in this article we will talk about how to earn money sitting at home by using Artificial Intelligence properly and using a little brain properly? 

Why Artificial Intelligence?

The future belongs to technology and the work that workers and laborers are doing now will all be robotic in the future. Robots made through technology will work in place of humans. And in the future, technology will increase more than you would have imagined. so ifIf you learn to earn money by using the Internet and Artificial Intelligence properly, then you will not have much trouble in the future.

Just last one year From Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT It’s making a lot of noise. PeopleChat GPT By using it, we are running our life and social media very easily. You will find answers to almost every question on Chat GPT, Almost everything except financial and trending news and that 2021 The data is from before 

Opportunity to Earn Money From Home

Now let’s come to the point that how to earn money online sitting at home by using Artificial Intelligence properly? This is what you all have come here to know. But we want to say one thing straight away that you will have to work hard in this also, only then you will get the result.

Well, at present almost all businesses have become online., And now the digital era has arrived. So you should also adopt work from home technology. We are going to tell you some software and tools of Artificial Intelligence using which you can earn money in the month. You can earn up to 1 lakh rupees easily.


1. Chat GPT 

2. Google Bard 




6. You have anime





11. to patch

12. Midjourney 


Writer & Blogger 

Ever since the advent of Chat GPT, blogging and writing have become very easy. You should go to Google, open you Have to write and there directly chat GPT But login is done. Chat GPT One bot works like, You can ask him any question and he will answer you immediately. But remember that the chat is on GBT.2021 Only data before 2017 will be available.

But by speaking through Chat GPT you can write a good blog and articles. Whatever type of article and blog you want, you will have to type it directly on Chat GPT, then Chat GPT will write and give you a good article and blog as per your instructions., Which you can edit a bit and upload it on your website., Or you can send it to your client.

Graphic Designer

AI Seeing the way it is progressing, it seems that very soon it will take away a lot of people’s jobs. One of those jobs can be that of a graphic designer because with the help of Artificial Intelligence we can also do the work of graphic design.

But if you want, you can sit at home AI with the help of graphic design, you can sell it on the freelancing website. There is always a demand for good graphic design in the market. With the help of this you fiverr, upwork You can earn a good income by freelancing on a website like.

eBook & Books

Artificial Intelligence is in its early days but it has become so advanced that at your signal it can read the book. It is-can write books| As per the command given by you, he can write a book for you according to the same outline. Then eBook and books you can also sell it and earn income. You can also get listed on Amazon for selling. In this way you can also create your own passive income source.

Social Media Strategy & Manager 

In today’s time, Artificial Intelligence can teach you many things. For example, if you want to make a YouTube video, then Artificial Intelligence will give you its topic.| If you need hash tags for YouTube video Instagram page and how to make them rich and

Increase engagement. Chat GPT will tell and teach you many things on what topics and what training is going on.

You can learn social media management from Chat GPT and work as a freelancing social media management and social media optimizer for your clients. The demand for social media managers is very high in the market. You can create an income source by learning social media management strategy from Chat GPT. 

Content Creation & Content Writing  

You can estimate the power of Artificial Intelligence from the fact that, Now such artificial intelligence tools have also come in the market which will just give you a script and it will create a readymade video and give it to you. And the video script will also have to be written with the help of Chat GPT.

Meaning everything can be done with Artificial Intelligence| AI your opinion on the videos that will be made from100% Copyright will remain. This will benefit you in that you will not even need to come in front of the camera. Right now these videos are trending on social media, so you

I will also put my hand in the flowing Ganga and see., Who knows, you may become successful based on your brain and hard work.

AI Prompt Engineer

Ever since Artificial Intelligence has gained a foothold in the market, Since then people have started feeling that AI will destroy the jobs of all professionals. But it is not right to think like this. because why AI Someone is also needed to run the software and tools. In fact each Tools also require a command to run. Whom Prompt It is said that and these prompt to the one who writes to Prompt Engineer It is said. so you a Prompt Engineer even after becoming eat You can build your business with the help of.

Actually all you have to do is ChatGPT, Midjourney others like etc. According to people’s needs in tools prompt Have to write. Due to which people get results as soon as possible in these tools. Like for example Midjourney a such AI There is a tool in which you can create any type of image. But in this, a prompt has to be written to create the image. As: Imagine: “My son on the moon“. This one prompt Is. After writing which an image will be generated in which my son on the moon. Thus ChatGPT me too prompt are written after which that tool will be available to you in the same prompt Will show results as per.

Animated Storyboard Artist 

Storyboard Artist There is such a job. In which a sketch artist creates art for a film or comics. In which scenes are drawn step by step. Till now it was drawn on paper with a pencil. But AI With the advent of tools it has become very easy. Now in this, the artist is selected according to the story or script of the comic or film.AI in tools prompt need to write, And the storyboard is ready.

It is true that AI Creative jobs are most at risk of being lost due to the advent of tools. But doing these creative jobs is also becoming easier. To move ahead in your career, you can AI You can also create your own business with the help of tools. the amount of time

Used to draw storyboards. Now you can do so much creative work in that amount of time.

AI Visualizer  

Visualizer Means one who imagines. Its work is done in almost every creative field. Be it designing a house or designing a fashion related outfit. In all these areas one Visualizer Who is also called designer. the one who first Visualises sketches on a paper. After this, after improving it, a final design is ready. Which takes a lot of time.

But after the advent of Artificial Intelligence, its work is completed in a very short time. There are many like this in the market AI Tools have come with the help of which it has become very easy to do. Creative art companies like this Ai Visualizer, They are looking for someone who can prepare the design according to them. You can start this work as a creative agency. In which you can create your website, create new designs in it, upload them and sell them online.

In Last Words;

Friends, today in this article we have learned how we can earn money sitting at home by using Artificial Intelligence properly. What is Artificial Intelligence and how it works and how you can earn money from it? We have told you in detail and have also told you some business ideas that you can do with the help of Chat GPT. Hoping! You must have liked this article., If you like it then share it with your friends also so that they can also get ideas to earn money.

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