Will ChatGPT eat up jobs in 2024? A Revolutionary AI Model

Will ChatGPT eat up people’s jobs or make life easier in 2024, why did it come into controversy in the beginning?

AI, i.e., Artificial Intelligence is already in discussion. There is a debate going on in the world about what impact AI can have on the world and human life. It is being said that after AI technology, machines can replace humans in a way.

Recently, the US-in-school ChatGPT has passed the MBA examination. In such a situation, questions are being raised about the usefulness of humans. worldwide now ChatGPT There is discussion. This word has become a subject of debate with headlines in every newspaper and news channel of the world.


Friends, Let us know what it is, ChatGPT,

How will it work and how can this technology affect human life in a good or bad way.

First of all, let us tell you that ChatGPT The world is divided into two camps regarding this. People standing in its favor are considering it a big revolution for the world, while on the other hand, some people are considering it a threat to man.ChatGPT Those who consider it a threat argue that how the calculator, Machines like computers and mobiles have reduced or almost eliminated the usefulness of humans or the use of human brain. AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence can destroy human jobs. In such ChatGPT How much impact will such technology have on the world?

What is ChatGPT? 

ChatGPT Is a software. Its full name is Generative Pretrained Transformer(Generative Pretrained Transformer) Is. You can call it a modern NMS(Neural network based machine learning model) Can also say. We all know how Google search tells us about all the things and subjects of the world. Just like thisChatGPT The software does not just give us real time search like Google., Rather, it also gives answers to the questions asked in very clear and precise words. It is being considered as an alternative to Google search. This is such a fast technology that it is being said that after its development, it will do a lot of work in a few seconds or seconds. just like mobile phones today, Using calculators and all kinds of other applications. ChatGPT He can do all the work in a few moments, Which takes a long time for a person to do. this technology especially the question-The answer is related to business people. For example, media person, Journalist, Advocate, Customer Care and School-College and coaching teachers etc.

When and how did ChatGPT start? 

Chat GPT It was started by Sam Altman. Elon Musk was also with him at that time. This thing 2015 Is of. then it is a non-It was a profit company. Elon Musk later left this project. According to Sam Altman, CEO of this technology ChatGPT raised a million in less than a week(10 Lakh) . Has reached out to the users. Its comparative study shows that Netflix will not be able to reach this figure.3.5 It took years. While Twitter 2 year and facebook10 It took months. There itself, Instagram took three months and music app Spotify took three months.5 It took months. At present the value of this company is around20 It is said to be billion dollars.

ChatGPT could eat your job? 

This question is the reason why there is a debate going on in the world. It is true that computers and calculators have eaten away the jobs of humans. On the other hand, it has also made life easier. ChatGPT When updated with time, it will be able to do many more things. Although, Currently Chat GPT does not have as much information as Google, This gives limited information right now. But the speed with which work is being done on it and the way it is being considered as an advanced AI room of AI., This may bring difficulties for many types of jobs in the coming days.

Why is the world in fear about this?

As the report says, it is an advanced form of Artificial Intelligence. Like Google, it will answer questions from its search engine even faster. Obviously this will make the life of common people much easier, As computers till now, Have been using calculator and mobile phone, but the author, Journalist, Advocate, This can jeopardize the options of people involved in businesses like customer care and education. As-Like it will develop in a more advanced way, May affect more areas also. In such a situation, the world is also in fear regarding this.

UNInPolicy Officer Siddharth Rajahanspointed out thatChatGPT It is AI based technology. It’s just one or two-Will create and give you a complete draft on Word. As a tool, it will prove to make life easier. Recently at Wharton School of Business, USChatGPT Has passed MBA examination. Will make everyday tasks easier. Like doctors in preparing medical literature8 day’s workChatGPT 15 Does it in minutes. As far as the danger associated with it is concerned, since it is an AI based technology, then

it can misuse, This means that it is possible that it may start doing some work without the permission of the human being., We have to remain alert for this kind of danger.

ChatGPT But what did Satya Nadella say? 

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft Corporation ChatGPT A big thing has been said about this. They said that ChatGPT Can prove to be very positive for village and rural life. According to a report in Business Today, Nadella said that it will be useful for rural life in terms of up-to-date information and resources. They said that with its help it can improve the quality of rural life as well as bring positive results in the health matters of the villagers. Nadella also said thatChatGPT has the potential to revolutionize the communication and education options available to rural Indians.

Came into controversy as soon as it started ChatGPT 

Disputes on any of these topics are common. ChatGPT As soon as it came into existence it came into controversy. According to a report in DNA Hindi, it gives objection able answers to questions related to Hindu religion. While this Islam, Does not answer about religions like Sikhism, Jesus etc. The report also states that when ChatGPT Lord Ram in, When asked about Lord Shri Krishna and Mother Sita, it gives objectionable statements about them. Claims have been made that it is biased.

What ChatGPT Features of? 

ChatGPT The most special feature of is that it gives you the answer to the asked question in detail in the form of an article.

To prepare content ChatGPT can be used. Whatever questions are asked, they are answered in real time.

This technology will be free, That means the user will not be charged money for its use.

Biography with the help of this, Application, Essays can also be prepared by writing.

Now different as a result in Google search A different website appears. ChatGPT Will lead directly to specific and relevant results.

If we ChatGPT If you are not satisfied with the result then we will inform you about it.ChatGPT Can give to. In such a situation, he will update the result.

How it will happen ChatGPT use of

ChatGPT To use it, you have to visit its official website.

Have to create an account. You will have to register your account. Only after account creation ChatGPT Will be able to be used.

1: open the browserChat.openai.com Have to go to the website.

2: After going to the homepage of the website, we have to sign up. This Is why we will create an account on this website for the first time.

3: email us here, You will have to use a Microsoft account or Gmail ID.

4: Now the Gmail ID you use in your mobile, She will be visible to you. Click on the Gmail ID with which you want to create an account.

5: The first box that will appear after this, You have to enter your name in it. You have to enter the phone number in the phone number box and click on the Continue button.

6: Now Chat GPT will send one time password to our phone number. Password will have to be verified.7: After phone number verification, an account will be created on Hama Ra Chat GPT. Now you can use it.

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