Reliance Jio introduces BharatGPT, an AI developed in India- 2024 new

Reliance Jio brings India’s own AI BharatGPT to compete with ChatGPT

BharatGPT: Did you know that BharatGPT What is? This is not just a technological ka Wonderful, rather from India AI Also a new revolution in the world. Reliance Jio, Indian Chief telecom operator, IIT Bombay together with ‘BharatGPT’ one named AI project working on, Who multiple in the field of knowledge artificial intelligence (AI) harnesses the ability to.

You all know that Artificial Intelligence Has made a lot of progress in the last few years. Language models for example GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) has expressed its importance well natural language 

processing In the field of. but all these models have been prepared English for language, Due to which a very large population of the world becomes deprived.

In such a situation we are language going to learn about the model BharatGPT Known as. then let’s go ChatGPT competition of India GPT Let’s get more information about what is the topic.


What is BharatGPT?

BharatGPT, One groundbreaking AI initiative Is, Who Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT-B) Has been started in collaboration with. These projects, in India AI (Artificial Intelligence) to the capacity of multiple domains In harness Has been prepared to do. Reliance Jio Of “Jio 2.0” vision is an important part of, In which large language models And generative AI Will be used. This project The purpose of not only telecom sector In, rather different-different areas like media, commerce, communication, And devices Innovation To promote.

Akash Ambani, Reliance Jio Of Chairman, India in the next decade “biggest innovation center” has been given the status of being, Due to which India’s economy USD 6 trillion There is a possibility of reaching. BharatGPT purpose of AI To “involved in everything” by doing all kinds of products And services But to have a massive impact. These projects new to india technological heights promises to take me to, Due to which India future India significant role Will fulfill.

Its initiative, AI and related technologies In Jio represents a new effort to make India a global technology hub Will help to establish as. BharatGPT And Jio 2.0 Of launch new from innovation And a new era towards progress will begin.

How does BharatGPT work?

BharatGPT, like other big language models, deep learning And natural language processing Works on the principles of. maybe in this transformer based architecture is used, Which is human like text to understand and generate Is effective in doing. usually, This way models to Vishal data sets But the train is done, due to which this language Of patterns And nuances Can learn.

On Certain after it’s done, These models Given context Answer or complete by guessing the next word based on text generated can do. This technology Using the customer support, content creation, occurs in more areas, thereby more efficient and automated processes May be possible.

Who has developed BharatGPT?

Bharat GPT, One innovative artificial intelligence (AI) project Is, Who Reliance Jio And Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT-B) with the support of develop Has been done This project Of announcement For Reliance Jio Of Chairman, Akash Ambani, has IIT Bombay Of Tech fest participated in, where they BharatGPT Talked about in detail.

These AI project Jio apart from the business of-apart segments In Implement Will be done, in which big language models And generative AI important of role will be. Bharat GPT is the purpose of AI technology to a variety of areas, three like media, commerce, communication, And devices In integrate to do, And its impact on society is likely to be widespread. This project There is a lot of curiosity about, and its official timeline Jio By 2024 Expected to be told in the beginning.

BharatGPT What is the official website of?  Coming SOON….

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